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This section will provide information  on Account Creation, Course Enrollment, System Navigation, the issuance of certrificates and general help.

ACE System Introduction


Welcome to Aviation Continuing Education’s Federal Compliance Training Center.  Since 2005 ACE has provided aviation ground safety training meeting FAA, OSHA and EPA requirements.

Safety is paramount for successful ground and flight operations.  It only makes sense that everyone be properly safety trained. 

From individual courses to custom corporate training solutions, ACE can provide the training needed to comply with federal law. 

The next few minutes will provide you with the basic information on how our system works from a student’s perspective.  We will cover account creation, general site information, security issues, home page features, categories and courses, remittance procedures, player operation, site navigation, quizzes and assessments and how and when certificates are issued.

Thank you for looking to ACE for your safety compliance training. Please contact us at 877-322-7139 or with any questions you may have.

Account Setup

If you are already an account holder, click the “Login” link in the upper right corner of the page to be directed to a detailed login page; or enter your Username and Password in the box provided on left side of the page.

Existing User Login

Press the login button and you will be directed to your account home page.

Create New Account

If you do not have an account, press the “Create new account“ link to be directed to our Account Details page.

Unmask Password

When filling out the form you can unmask your password selection to verify and record it.

Create Account Button

Complete the form typing your name as you’d like to see it on your certificate.  When finished, press the “Create my new account” button.

Email Verification

By this time the system has sent an email to the address of record containing a link for address verification. This email could arrive within seconds, minutes, hours or never based upon several security factors of your email server. 

If you do not receive this verification email and need immediate access to our system, please contact customer support at 877-322-7139 or email

Press the “Continue” button, open your email program and await the verification email.

Email Verification

When the registration verification email arrives, click the link provided, and you will be directed to the “Registration Confirmation” page where you can immediately select your course(s).

ACE Homepage

The ACE Online Home Page contains a main menu, messaging center, latest news block and a few other blocks for informational and regulatory news and special offers.  You can explore these informational blocks later.  The Course Categories and My Courses blocks make up the center of the system.

Courses that payment arrangements have been made for will be listed under the “My Courses” heading beneath Course Categories.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments are accepted through the site through PayPal.  We can also provide invoices for purchase orders and setup corporate accounts. Please contact us to make other payment arrangements.

Course Categories

The system is set up in categories containing FAA Fuel Safety Training, Airport Ground Safety Training, Environmental Compliance Training and OSHA General Safety Training.

Select the course you need.  If you need multiple courses, or have groups of employees that need training, call customer service to arrange for registration and group discounts.  When a Course Category is selected you are directed to a page which contains all the courses in that category. Additionally, you can navigate the categories with a drop down menu or you can navigate the site with the menu bar.  Clicking the information symbol next to the course will open a dialogue box with the course synopsis.  Selecting the course title will direct you to the enrollment payment screen.


PayPal is our ceredit card processor. A PayPal account is not needed to purchase a course.  After course selection the payment screen will load through our secure merchant services provider PayPal.  If you have a PayPal account you can login to process your payment. “Don’t have a PayPal account”, just click the link to process your payment.  The ACE, Inc. system does not capture or store credit card number.  When all required fields have been completed, press the “Review and Continue” button. Review your information and process the payment.

Course Main page

You will then be directed to the main course page where you will find important instructions containing essential criteria for successful course completion.  Pay close attention to the required downloads and the time in course requirements.  Each course has been programmed to provide a certificate ONLY if ALL the criteria are met.

Starting Lessons

After completing the course housekeeping items, start the course by selecting the first lesson or, in the case of a single lesson course, the lesson link.

Starting Lesson

You will then be directed to a screen to enter the course. Select the “Lesson Link” or press the “Enter” button to begin the lesson.  When a lesson has been started or completed, the attempt information  appears as a reminder.  Should you find yourself unable to remember if the lesson had been completed, enter the lesson and you will be presented with a dialogue box that asks if you’d like to resume where you left off. 

Select “Yes” and be directed to the part of the course where the lesson was stopped. Select “No” and the lesson will begin at the beginning.

If you are a returning student, please always select “No” so the system will capture a full viewing of the lesson for the new certification.

Loading Lesson

As the lesson loads, a screen configuration will launch a new window which will contain the lesson separate from the Course webpage and an animated loading bar will show progress. Loading speed will be internet service speed dependent.

Resume Presentation

When the lesson starts, the “Resume Presentation” dialogue box may appear if you are a returning student or if you’ve previously started the lesson. Answer yes or no based upon your preference.

Default Lesson Format

The default lesson format appears and the lesson begins automatically.  Students have complete control over the lesson player. The notes window on the bottom of the player can be retracted using the notes button.

Player Controls

Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and Volume are all available at the bottom of the player.  You can move to any part of the slide by using the seek bar arrow. 

There are four views attainable from the default format.  They are Outline, Search, Thumbnails and Notes.  The outline format provides a list and can be navigated by clicking the desired slide.

Search Option

The Search format allows for a search of both slide text and slide notes for key words.

Thumbnails Option

The Thumbnails format provides a pictorial preview of each slide, which may be helpful when a particular image is remembered.

Notes Option

The notes section provides a verbatim text of the narration.  Remember, the notes section on the bottom can be opened at any time.


Along the top bar there are buttons for Attachments, Bookmarks and for Lesson Exit.  Any handouts, other than course manuals, can be found in the attachments section.


The bookmark button provides a means to bookmark both a link to the presentation, or a current slide bookmark. This is helpful should you need additional clarification from the Instructor.

Exiting the Lesson

The exit button performs the task of closing the lesson. The button in the lower right corner of the player controls the player format from default,

Format Change

To a version with the control panel visible,

Full Screen

To full screen.  With a simple click of the button and your back to the default setting.

Quizzes and Assessments

You will find quizzes at the end of most lessons. Read or listen to the Quiz instructions. Press the Continue button when ready to begin.

Quizzes and Assessments

Proceed through the quiz or assessment using the “Previous or Next” button. When the quiz is completed, press the “Submit All” buttons.  Remember, you can leave the quizzes and final assessments to perform remedial training and return to take the exam another time.  In most cases you are limited to three(3) quiz attempts.

Answer Submission

A “Verification” dialogue box will appear requesting final submission approval.

Score & Certificates

Your score will be available immediately. You can review the quiz or select finish.  Selecting Finish will exit the lesson the same as the Exit button.

Certificates will be issued through email or can be obtained by clicking the Certificate Link at the end of the lessons.  We maintain our records for at least three years.

Return to Course Page

When the lesson closes, the lesson start page is revealed. To return to the Course Page click on the “Return to course page link  or select the course on the navigation bar located just to the right of the course category link.

Return to Main Page

Pressing the menu bar button returns you to the main lesson page of the course. Select the next lesson and continue the course. At the end of your session, please log out of the system to maintain a high level of security.

Thank You

The ACE Federal Compliance Training Center website is easy to navigate and provides government agencies, aviation companies and service providers the safety courses needed to comply with federal regulations. Should you ever need assistance, please call 877-322-7139 or email 

Thank you again for looking to Aviation Continuing Education, Inc. for your compliance training needs. We appreciate your business and will do all we can to earn it.

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